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Payments Integration with your Accounting Software

Automated accounting software for financial analysis and Payment services to accept credit and debit card payments in order to close a sale are the two most important elements of any business. The seamless integration of these two elements could save you time and a lot of money!

Below are some of the important benefits of the Integration:

  • Eliminate manual data entry- By integrating your payments environment; your payments are automatically brought into your accounting software saving you all the time it takes for manual data entry.
  • Optimize all sales channels- You can optimize any sales channel whether its a credit card terminal, e-commerce website, or a mobile phone equipped to take payments with seamless integration to your accounting system. This is great for both sales execution and back-office efficiencies.
  • Automate the reconciliation process-Duplicate data entry also results in more manual errors, which someone has to untangle and reconcile. When payments automatically “post back” to the accounting system, errors are reduced, and posting and reconciliation are streamlined, saving you time and money.
  • Organize your payments environment- An advanced, integrated payments portal can offer web and mobile access to a reporting dashboard, merchant statement, billing support and administration of all your connected payment devices, applications, and services so you can analyze your fees and reports much better.
  • Gain the value of consolidation. We offer an automated and integrated payments environment that is seldom offered by a single vendor, creating price efficiencies across a spectrum of payment services while reducing the cost and complexities of managing multiple vendors.

High costs and heavy IT requirements for building custom solutions had previously made integrated payment systems an option for only larger businesses. Now, with the affordable integrated payment solutions we offer, small and midsized businesses can easily and cost effectively “turn on” an integrated payments environment. Click on our below solutions to learn more and select the best solution for you:
Sage Exchange
Plug-In for QuickBooks Intuit Integration.png freshbooks

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