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Wireless Terminals

Some businesses prefer using wireless terminals because they are always moving from location to location and need something durable for rugged operation. Also, they would rather have one device that runs payments all the time instead of keeping track of multiple devices. Typically these terminals work best for merchants at farmers/flee markets, tradeshows, fairs, kiosks, etc.

Although these terminals require a separate wireless plan and have a larger equipment investment, they have the following benefits -

Benefits of using Wireless Terminals over Mobile Phones
  • Ability to have a printed receipt
  • Capable of handling multiple services on the same device such as online debit, check services, gift cards, etc.
  • All transactions are run on a single device eliminating the need to set up each user on a different device
  • We program the terminal and send it to you so you don’t have to spend any time setting up or configuring the terminal
Click here to view a list of wireless terminals we carry.

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