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Wireless Services

With the ever growing need to process real-time and secure payments most merchants are turning to a wireless solution. Wireless Services enable merchants to accept credit card payments on-the-go. A web-enabled device such as a cell phone, PDA, tablet computer, laptop, wireless terminal or Wi-Fi terminal is all that is needed.

Whether you are a merchant that provides delivery services to customers or a merchant that needs that extra option to accept payments while on-site at a customer location, wireless services are a perfect fit. With wireless services you can realize the potential of your sales initiatives by mobilizing and using tools you already own. It's a mobile world, it's an electronic world, it's time your electronic payments were as mobile as your sales force.

Below are some of the businesses that can effeciently use wireless services?
If you are a merchant that does some of your business remotely or on-site, wireless services are for you. Below are some examples of merchants who are successfully using wireless services in their day-to-day transactions -
  • Artists / Craftpersons
  • Carpenters
  • Charitable Donations
  • Distributed Sales Forces
  • Electricians
  • Fundraisers
  • General contractors
  • HVAC / AC Sales & Service
  • Landscapers
  • Mobile vendors: trade shows, fairs, kiosks
  • Plumbers
  • Private Practices / Small Business
  • Roofing / Siding Contractors
  • Taxi / Limo / Airport Transportation
Benefits of using wireless services
  • Flexibility to accept payments anywhere at anytime
  • Save time by completing the transaction on the spot without having to go back to your office and manually entering payments/transactions
  • If you use a card reader, you may be eligible to receive swiped rates
  • Run payments securely so customer data is always encrypted and never at risk - Fully PCI DSS certified.
  • Tax and tip calculator.
  • Manage multiple merchant accounts.
  • Manage multiple users.
Click on each type of Wireless Service to determine the best solution for your business:

Mobile Payments Mobile Payments Laptop Payments Laptop Payments
Field Service Management Field Service Management Wireless Terminals Wireless Terminals

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