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Point of Sale (POS) or Retail Solutions

With growing business needs, traditional brick and mortar merchants need a lot more than what the basic credit card terminal offers. Through the use of POS systems, you can run payments for credit and debit cards and perform several other business functions using one system. Here are some benefits of purchasing or switching over to a POS system -
  • Makes business operations and processes efficient
  • Run transactions quickly by using a barcode scanner, card reader, etc.
  • Manage customers and vendors
  • Manage inventory (promotions, discounts and/or sales)
  • Run reports to get a better understanding of how your business is performing
  • Improve customers’ shopping experience
  • Ability to add tip options
  • Ability to set up recurring billing
  • Accept credit card, pin debit and EBT transactions
  • Offer gift & loyalty programs
  • Integrate with accounting systems
  • Capability to expand as business grows
  • Eliminate time-consuming, paper-based tracking

POS systems are usually a combination of software and hardware products that are installed on a computer or a mobile device from where payments are run.

Whether you are a small, medium or large business we have a POS solution that will fit your business needs. Click below to learn more about our different POS solutions.
Desktop POS QuickBooks POS
QuickBooks POS
First Data POS Restaurant

Tablet POS Revel POS
Revel POS
Clover POS
Clover POS
POS Comparison

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